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Rich Kalman sings the classic Tower of Power tribute to James Brown accompanied by the Albany Jazz Band. Backup vocals are provided by Catherine deCuir, Richard Fitzsimmons, and Cookie Reese. This recording was created virtually during the pandemic with band members recording their parts at home. The recording was then synchronized, and mixed by Bob Levenson.

Whatever Lola Wants

Catherine deCuir sings the wonderful Richard Adler/Jerry Ross show stopper from Damn Yankees. This live recording was made during an Albany Jazz Band performance at the Dance Palace in Pt. Reyes, California in 2017.  

Sing, Sing, Sing

Peter Herbert (drums), Kelly Ralston (congas and percussion), and David Holcombe (trumpet solo) lead the Albany Jazz Band through Louis Prima's frenetic Sing, Sing, Sing. This live recording (complete with the dancers this chart inevitably attracts) was made during a performance at the Alameda Elks Club in 2009.  

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